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Never fall short of New Neon Animation Ideas

Stay ahead of Other UncleNeon Customers
by adding 400 Unique New Templates and 5X Advance Tools to your Account for Saving Time, Faster Production and More Profits

Stay ahead of Other UncleNeon Customers
by adding 400 Unique New Templates and 5X Advance Tools to your Account for Saving Time, Faster Production and More Profits

Exclusive discount for an Extremely LIMITED TIME for Power Users ONLY

New Animation Templates Supply Every Month

Keep your Brand Unique and Fresh

Create Fresh Content Every Month to Wow your Audience and Clients

No Creativity Block, No Mental Farts, Only Wow GooseBumps

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You now have access to one of the
most distinguished formats of Neon Animation Effects.

So, whether you are looking forward to creating videos for yourself or for your clients,
you’ll be making some of the most immersive videos on the planet.

But before you go to your Dashboard, here is a chance to Multiply your Creativity
and do much more while saving thousands of dollars in the process.

Let us be your Creative Force behind those Immersive Engagement Exploding Unique Viral Videos


Neon Animation Ideas are hard to think of. Each idea takes a huge amount of brainstorming and if you crack the Idea, making it perfect is a tedious task.

While one can surely think and execute Neon Animations with Uncle Neon.

But we wanted to speed up your production capabilities.

Hence, we appointed a team of Designers and Animators with just one objective, to Create New Stunning Neon Animation Effects Templates for you.

Each High Quality Unique animation takes the team 2 days to make.

Guess what, we are up to the task for the whole year.


UncleNeon Platinum

Fresh New Templates Every Month for Complete
One Year Plus 5X Advance Power Addons

Here is How we can be your
Anchor of Creativity:

#1 - 150 New Neon Glowing Animation Templates Added Instantly to your Account

With Platinum Edition, you will get 150 New Templates added to your Account instantly totaling the number of Templates to 250 (With 100 in Basic Edition).

This gives you an instant 2.5x better competitive edge to be unique and fasten your workflow.

Here are all the Templates you are getting:

#2 - 20 New Neon Glowing Animation Templates Added in your Account Every Month for the Complete Year

Our Designers and Animators will be working hard to give you fresh Contextual Templates every single month

Based on Platinum Members Feedback and the Festivals we have across the globe, we will be consistently adding new templates.

This will lead to 240 New Animation Templates in an Year totaling your collection to 490 Templates overall.

#3 - Custom Neon Animation Template Request

Many times, it could happen that you might have a brilliant idea - but are not having enough time to make the Animation yourself.

You can request the Kind of Animation you are looking for, and we will be releasing the Template in the Upcoming Month release.

This indeed is like having our Designers and Animators working on your payroll, except we take care of the expenses.

Well, that’s not all. With Platinum you don’t just get more templates - you get to do much more with these templates.

#4 - Multi Purpose Video Capabilities

With this, you will be able to make Multi Purpose Videos using UncleNeon dashboard itself.

Be it Square Instagram Videos, Vertical TikTok Short Videos or normal horizontal YouTube videos - you can make them all.

#5 - LetterBoxing Videos

Ever seen those Viral videos on Facebook with Text on Top and Bottom?

We call it LetterBoxing. We have built a complete separate interface for you to convert any normal video into those Letterboxing Viral Videos.
This will help you to add Cliffhangers to your titles, making the audience go nuts immersive.

With Animated Emoji’s, custom text faces, shapes, and colors - this is one heck of an addition to the Platinum version.

#6 - 4k Renders

Take UncleNeon capabilities one step beyond by making Ultra High Definition 4k Videos for Concept and Clarity.

Your Production capabilities literally becomes 4x with this addition.

#7 - Go Crazy with GIFs

The Internet's most sensational content is GIF’s and how can we let it not be a part of our Super Engagement Weapon.

With Platinum edition, you can render your videos as GIF’s and share it on Social Media or Instant Messaging apps to convey your message and make your audience go gaga all over.

#8 - Multiple Renders Simultaneously

With the Basic version of Uncle Neon, one can render one video at a time. With the Platinum edition, you can render up to 3 videos at once.

Faster, creative and more control than ever before.

#9 - 90 Days of Data Retention

With the Basic Version of UncleNeon, we will save your data on our Servers for 45 days.

Whereas as with Platinum Edition, we will be retaining your data for 2X times i.e. 90 Days, so that you can come back and work again on a project later.

The Platinum Advantage

Let us re-emphasize this today.

With the Platinum Edition, you get access to 400 Neon Animation Templates that not everyone owns.

This gives you a complete competitive edge.

With the Platinum advantage, you’ll never have to struggle with Ideas or Creativity and you can wow your customers and clients with jaw-dropping Neon Animations every single time…

We are giving away these neon animation templates for literally less than 0.5$ per template.

On top of that, your account will be powered by 5x Advance Tools for Hyper Customization and faster workflow.

All this without any Subscription or Recurring Monthly Bills.

What it is worth?

1 Neon Effects Templates on Big Websites like Videohive, costs $13 or more

You are getting 400+ Neon Video Templates
with Uncle Neon Platinum Today

Which means 400+ X $13 = $5,200 worth of Value

Your Investment Today = Just $127

Which means you will get

Each Neon Animation Templates for just $0.31

Plus, you get Commercial Rights
on all these Templates

If you can sell just a 2-Min Neon Animation Video,
you can recover your investment and everything else
that follows will be benefit for your wallet

This is an Exclusive Opportunity

Since this is an early release and we are amassing Early Adapters, you are getting this exclusive opportunity to join Platinum at a One Time Price.

With Time as we add more Templates to the Platinum Edition, we will turn this into a Monthly Subscription going forward.

Making New Templates every single day entails significant cost to us and this is the only opportunity you may get to take advantage of this Exclusive One Time Platinum Edition offer.

Don’t miss this chance.

Join Today as an Early Adopter and take a full 30 Days to see if you Like it.

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You can try everything that’s included for 30 days, and if you’re not satisfied with the investment you’re about to make...just let us know. We'll send you your money back.

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  • 150 New Neon Glowing Animation Templates Added Instantly to your Account

  • 20 New Neon Glowing Animation Templates Added in your Account Every Month for the Complete Year

  • Custom Neon Animation Template Request

  • Multi Purpose Video Capabilities

  • LetterBoxing Videos

  • 4k Renders

  • GIF Exports

  • Multiple Renders Simultaneously

  • 90 Days of Data Retention

  • Exclusive Bonuses

  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

  • One Time Payment - No Monthly Fees

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Uncleneon Platinum